Profile Designer: Thomas Everett Lamb

Anastasia Bowen

| Florida Design Review - Premier Issue 2007

Custom home designer Tom Lamb is the owner of Thomas Everett Lamb Design and Development Inc. in Tampa. After studying architecture at the University of Notre Dame and working on his Masters in Architecture and Urban Planning at City College of New York, Lamb moved to Tampa and opened his business in the early 1990’s. He has projects across the United States as well as internationally, in the Bahamas, Honduras and Brazil.

Q. What is your biggest challenge when working with a new client and beginning a new project?
A. Having the client accurately convey to me their wish list, to show me as best they can through photographs, magazine clippings or existing houses, what they are looking for. It’s hard to understand what they need, what styles speak to them and the level of detail they want to live in and what they are willing to pay for. I try to convince my clients to choose a quality of space over a quantity of space, knowing that in the long run they’ll be happier when things are done better, when there is a finer use of materials, instead of their making a compromise just to get to more square footage.

Q. What do you find to be the most rewarding part of your projects?
A. It’s a combination of all things culminating with my client and/or anyone else who sees the project, just being impressed. I want to get the “wow” out of my client and the people who walk up to it or into it.

Q. What advice would you give to somebody who is thinking about hiring a design professional like yourself?
A. I urge people to inquire with true design professionals if their budget allows, not a draftsperson. The design professional should be able to fully understand and translate the client’s wishes and desires into the manifestation of their ideal living conditions.


Tommy Lamb has exceeded all of my expectations in the design and development of my new home.
His design work is creative, artistic, precise, and beautiful; and the high level of his service, follow-up
and follow through is excellent. Thank you for a wonderful experience and your incredible expertise!

- V. Muzzillo, Birmingham, MI

We are repeat clients and can speak in detail of Tom's sixth sense. He has the unique ability of interpreting
one's imagination into a realistic masterpiece. He has a keen understanding of space requirements, functionality
and excellence in design. His ability to choose materials and colors is unmatched. Tom Lamb is very attentive,
responsive and is a skilled advocate of his clients. We have no reservation in recommending Tom Lamb
for new and remodeling architectural endeavors.

- J. Guggino, Tampa, Fl

"Tommy's uncanny ability to understand, translate and enhance one's vision and bring it to life make the
design and build process very exciting. His creativity and experience allow for many unique ideas
to be considered. It is all about the details...and Tommy's passionate attention to detail
culminates in the delivery of an exceptionally high-end product."

- S.Balsera, Tampa, Fl

We were looking to build a really spectacular home here. We purchased a lot on the Palma Ceia Golf Course.
We then set about to find an architect or residential designer. There were very few homes we saw that we liked.
It seemed all the truly well designed beautiful homes were designed by one man, Tom Lamb. We called Tom,
showed him the lot, explained what we had in mind and immediately knew he understood our dream and
would help us achieve it. He was a pleasure to work with... We would recommend him to anyone looking
to build a quality, beautiful home... His knowledge... creative insight and integrity were amazing.

- J. Jassy, Naples, FL

Your website is amazing. I wanted to travel to see the Taj Mahal,
but now I don't have to, I can just visit your work.

J. K., Tampa, FL

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